Case 224: Choledochal Cyst

Diagnostic Category:

Clinical Presentation:

39 year old woman with incidentally found liver lesion on CT done for lower abdominal pain.

MR: Choledochal cyst type 2, originating from the cystic duct

Imaging Findings:

Choledochal cyst (Todani classification type 2). T2w MR images and MRCP confirm the presence of a large cystic lesion adjacent to the gallbladder within in segment 4B, proven by intraoperative cholangiogram to be saccular dilatation of the cystic duct. MR also demonstrates communication with the cystic duct, best seen on coronal thin MRCP slice #3. Also note gallbladder calculus.

Cholangiogram demonstrates opacification of the choledochal cyst overlapping the gallbladder, confirming communication its with the biliary tree.