Case 254:   Hemangioma

Diagnostic Category:

Clinical Presentation:

37 year old woman with recently diagnosed gastric cancer and liver lesions on staging CT.

MR: Small, bright dot sign, with feeding vessel

Imaging Findings:

MR demonstrates two small cavernous (slow filling) hemangiomata. The one in segement 5 demonstrates a classic 'bright dot sign' at 9 o'clock. The bright dot sign represents a puddle like enhancing portion of the hemangioma, which in this case is directly supplied by a feeding artery.

The equilibrium phase shows a second peripheral focus of nodular enhancement at 4 o'clock within the same lesion, and no complete fill in, proving the cavernous nature of the hemangioma. The enhancement follows the one of the aorta. Note that the lateral hemangioma shows an even more delayed enhancement.

Typical high signal intensity of both hemangiomata on T2w.