Case 292:   Hemangioma

Diagnostic Category:

Clinical Presentation:

30 year old man with Hepatitis B.

CT: Cavernous hemangioma, slightly atypical

Imaging Findings:

Multiphase CT shows a hypervascular lesion in segment 4A that shows blood pool enhancement on portal venous and equilibrium images, representing a small cavernous hemangioma. Distinction between cavernous and flash-filling hemangioma is difficult here given almost complete, but not homogeneous opacification on arterial phase. Early complete and homogeneous enhancement would be characteristic for flash-filling hemangioma.  

See MR of the same patient that shows imaging characteristics for cavernous hemangioma more clearly.

Another smaller cavernous hemangioma posterior to the inferior vena cava seen on MR is not detected on CT.