Case 79:   Hemangioma (infantile)

Diagnostic Categories:

Clinical Presentation:

4 month old girl with incidental liver lesions seen on chest CT during workup of a prenatally diagnosed congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation in the chest.

CT: Hypervascular

Imaging Findings:

Initial CT shows multiple enhancing liver masses seen predominating in the left lobe of the liver, the largest in segment 3, representing infantile hemangiomas. Several of these lesions demonstrate small portions of asymmetrically decreased attenuation centrally. No regional lymphadenopathy is identified.

On 2 1/2 year follow-up CT (last image), the vast majority of the large hyperenhancing liver lesions visualized on the prior exam are no longer present. There is a residual subcentimeter hyperenhancing nodule in the left lobe the liver, representing an almost entirely involuted infantile hemangioma.