The Liver Imaging Atlas is a free, web-based reference of liver CT, MR, and ultrasound imaging for medical professionals that contains a comprehensive spectrum of liver diseases and their imaging features. Common and uncommon liver imaging cases can be found by their imaging features, disease categoriesdiagnosis or keywords. The atlas is designed to be used as a teaching repository by radiologists in training and their peers and as a tool for construction of image-based differential diagnoses by radiologists in practice.

If you would like to use content of the atlas, please refer to the license agreement. If you would like to contribute cases and get credit for it, contact us here.


    Editors: Orpheus Kolokythas, MD and David L. Coy, MD, PhD

Tu Thao Pham, MD
Carlos Cuevas, MD
Lee M. Mitsumori, MD
Patrick C. Freeny, MD
Theodore J. Dubinsky, MD
Bill H. Warren, MD
Sandhya Jacob, MD

Sarah Bastawrous, DO
Alexander P.  Tornow, MD
Grace S. Phillips, MD
Luana A. Stanescu, MD
Claudia Sadro, MD
Neeraj Lalwani, MD
Hassan Aboughalia, MD

Sherif Osman, MD
Sadaf F. Zaidi, MD
Larissa Peguero Alemany, MD
Puneet Bhargava, MD
Mallikarjunappa, MD
Michael L. Richardson, MD
Seung Yup Kevin Lee, MD