Users Manual – Searching the Liver Imaging Atlas

You may search The Liver Imaging Atlas database to retrieve cases and their images in several ways.

Feature Search

Select an imaging modality - CT MR or US - and then select one or more characteristics from a categorized list of structural and imaging features. The search result will display every case in the atlas that possesses every feature that has been selected.

Category Search

Select an imaging modality - CT MR or US - and then select one or more diagnostic categories.  If you select the "AND" operator then the cases retrieved will be only those that fall under each and every one of the selected categories - selecting more categories will result in fewer cases returned.  If you select the "OR" operator then the cases retrieved will be any case that falls under any one of the selected categories  - selecting more categories will increase the number of cases in the results;  if all categories are selected then every case in the atlas under the chosen modality will be retrieved.

Index Search

See a list of all cases with images in the currently active modality CT, MR, or US. The cases are listed alphabetically by their diagnosis. Click a diagnosis to see a list of all cases it contains or click a case title to view that individual case.  If a case also contains images in a modality different from that which is selected you will see an icon to the right of the case listing.  For example, if a case in the CT index also contains MR images you will find an MR icon that when selected will display the MR images for that case.

Free Text Search

A search box is located in the upper right corner of the page which allows for entry of free text that can be used to search and retrieve cases from the atlas.  The search includes diagnosis fields as well as imaging findings and other text included with the cases.