Users Manual – Reviewing Search Results

Search results in The Liver Imaging Atlas may be reviewed both in list and individual view mode.

Case List View

After you perform a search results are listed in a truncated form with up to four thumbnail sized images displayed for each case.   If a case contains more than four thumbnails a gray arrowhead will appear to the right of the fourth image that when selected will allow the you to scroll through the thumbnail sized images.

Individual Case View

Selecting the View button for a case in list view will expand the case and display all images of a case in a larger size.

If images from an alternate modality are available for a case, you may click the alternate modality button CT, MR or US to view them.  If an alternate modality is currently displayed, this button will be highlighted.

When viewing a single case from a list of cases, you may navigate to the next or previous cases from that list without returning to the list view.  Simply click on the  or  buttons.

Image Details

Clicking on an image (either in list or individual view mode) will open a popup window with the image displayed at full resolution. By clicking at the left  or right margin of the image window, you may rotate through all the images in the current modality for a case. The left and right arrows on your keyboard may also be used to move back and forth through the images for a case.

Clicking the diagnosis of any case will display a list view of all cases in the atlas with the same diagnosis. Cases with the same diagnosis may differ by imaging features, or by the presence of special features (subtitle of the diagnosis), or both.

The DDx button will produce a secondary search that results in every case within the atlas that contains the same imaging features as the case on which feature is activated.

To refine a search click the clear button or click on the back button of your browser to move stepwise back through your search history.