Users Manual – Quiz Mode

The Liver Imaging Atlas can be used as an training tool by medical educators or for self-assessment.  

Quiz Mode

You may engage quiz mode in The Liver Imaging Atlas by clicking the quiz mode button Quiz Mode: Off, located in the quiz control panel in the upper right hand corner of search pages. When quiz mode is active, the button will be highlighted: Quiz Mode: On.  Clicking on the button again will turn quiz mode off.

When quiz mode is on, all cases in your search results will display as an unknown. The diagnosis information, diagnostic category and imaging findings fields will disappear - both in list and individual case view. The clinical presentation field as well as the subtitles of each individual image will remain visible.  The hidden fields for an individual case can be revealed by clicking the highlighted Dx button in the case control panel.

You may also engage quiz mode for a single case at a time by toggling the Quiz button in the case control panel.

Case Levels

Each case in the Liver Imaging Atlas is categorized on a scale of 1 - 3 based on its difficulty: 1 = Straight forward or easy; 2 = Challenging; 3 = Difficult.  The level of each case is listed below the button panel associated with the case.

By default, all cases (Levels 1, 2, & 3) are shown, however case lists obtained from searches or from bookmarked cases can be further narrowed to a specific level of case - 1, 2, or 3 - by clicking the Level: All button in the quiz control panel. Clicking this button will rotate between "All", "Level 1", "Level 2", and "Level 3" cases. Only those cases that match the level selected will be shown. When a single level is selected, this button will be highlighted Level: 1.

This feature can be helpful in quiz mode to present unknown cases that align with the abilities of the learner.